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Updated: Dec 21, 2023

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Ashley Fuller, Managing Director at InPowerUp

Let’s work together to glean insights into your hidden markets In 2019, an article in Harvard Business Review revealed a huge finding: if women and men around the world participated equally as entrepreneurs, global GDP would increase by trillions of dollars. However, that study did not consider equal participation by BIPOC individuals (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), the 32 million small businesses in the United States alone, and other underserved groups like senior citizens and veterans.

 Why are we leaving trillions of dollars on the table by continuing to overlook these individuals?

We can glean insights into your hidden markets


At InPowerUp, we’re harnessing data to activate opportunities around customer-centricity.


Using data on customers from a multi-billion-dollar organization, I discovered a sales and marketing strategy that prompted women-led businesses to convert to purchase at a higher rate than men-led businesses—a statistically significant change from the baseline conversion behavior for this organization. My quantitative analysis included >500 businesses in each group; there is less than 0.01% chance that these results are due to random chance. My subject-matter expertise was key to transforming a nuanced statistical analysis into actionable insights for the organization—setting the stage for me to found InPowerUp.


Excitingly, this pilot confirmed that strategies tailored to reach businesses led by underrepresented groups can simultaneously increase conversion (bringing more resources to these businesses) and increase sales to an organization looking to expand its B2B customer base.

This virtuous cycle is the heart of activation 2.0.

Our key insight is to move away from one-size-fits-all communication and packages to a marketing and sales strategy that speaks directly to your underserved markets—as revealed by your organization’s customer data.


Together we can leverage activation 2.0 to support your success


Why work with InPowerUp? We tap our quantitative skills across data science, statistical modeling, and market research to deliver insights and solutions specific to your organization’s hidden markets.


Customer-centricity doesn’t have to be hard. If your organization is looking to test-drive some low-risk, quick-benefit strategies to tap unrealized revenue, please contact or visit


If you’d like to be part of our upcoming study, please reach out.

Would you like to activate your hidden markets?  Click here for a free consultation.

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