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Disintegrating Sphere

Let’s work together to glean insights into your hidden markets.

Our value proposition is to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions for clients' data-related needs. We offer a range of services that cover the full spectrum of data proficiency, from basic to intermediate to advanced.


We assist clients in getting data on the cloud, tracking data collection, organizing data, and establishing data architecture. We are committed to helping clients save money by offering alternatives to more costly cloud services (for example AWS).


For clients with intermediate data-related needs, we provide pricing elasticity, customer/membership extension, churn alleviation, and Bayesian analysis.


For clients with advanced data-related needs, we assess bias in algorithms used in marketing, sales, and HR. We use market research and data science to reach under-accessed customer segments and optimize hiring and retention for our clients.


At our core, we are a trusted partner that leverages cutting-edge technology and expertise to help clients achieve their data-related objectives.

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